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Change your childs future...

What is a Schoolvision assessment?

The Schoolvision assessment is an enhanced eye examination which, in addition to a regular eye test, assesses in particular how well the two eyes work together to judge distance and position.

The assessment can take up to an hour to complete and measures:

Following your Assessment

It may be necessary to have a pair of spectacles for the very first time, or to have your current spectacle prescription updated.

Our Schoolvision dispensing optician will use the information from the enhanced assessment to discuss all of the options available so the perfect spectacles can be tailor made for you.

Your lenses will be made at one of our specialist labs. This usually takes 2-3 weeks, but occasionally a little longer if the prescription is complex.

When you receive your new spectacles, it might take a while to get use to how things feel when wearing them as your eyes settle to the prescription and become accustomed to a new way of seeing.

It is quite normal for the prescription to change during the Schoolvision journey as your eyes re-adapt at each stage. The spectacle prescription will need to be altered accordingly and new lenses purchased.

We will invite you to attend a follow up appointment around 3 months after the initial assessment.

How can a Schoolvision Assessment help?

When spectacles are prescribed, the benefits for your child following a Schoolvision assessment include:


Unfortunately, Schoolvision is not available through the NHS.
The cost of the initial enhanced eye examination is £190 (£240.00 including a full report). All necessary follow-up eye examinations are then managed through our Eyeplan scheme.

Eyeplan – Managing the Costs

The plan costs £12 per month for spectacle wearers and is payable for a minimum of 18 months by monthly direct debit.

Eyeplan members visit us for all their follow-up eye examinations at no further cost. In addition, members receive 25% discount on the cost of frames and lenses. Each complete pair of spectacles are protected by a two-year accidental damage cover, whilst on the Eyeplan scheme, based on like-for-like replacement.

Members on the Schoolvision journey feel they have benefited greatly from the scheme, and often choose to continue membership long after the initial contract period has ended.

For further information on Schoolvision assessments please click here

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Schoolvision Testimonials

The following testimonials are from patients following a Schoolvision Assessment and on-going visits to Optical3:

Alex Smallwood:
My son's confidence has improved with his schoolwork and doing his homework with him is now a pleasure

Olivia Hodson:
I struggled with reading things, it took me a while and I didn't understand what I was reading... the improvement in my reading, understanding and the speed I now do my work is amazing!

Christian Christiansen:
At Optical3 everybody is incredibly friendly and makes it go as smoothly as possible... I read a lot quicker than normal now, which has been a life-saver when it comes to cramming in revision before an exam!

Rachel Robinson:
I have been going to Optical3 for the past 3 years with both of my sons and Geraint has helped them with Dyslexia problems. I have and would recommend him again.