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reviews testimonials appraisal


Andrew Barnes *****
Good experience every time my wife and I have been there. Appointments are arranged to be Covid secure and staff are friendly and welcoming. Mr Griffith’s eye examination is very thorough and adding some prism adjustment to my lenses has increased my visual comfort (and ball catching ability). Dispensing staff offer good advice on choosing frames.

Alison Stewart *****
Gearing spot on in diagnosing my eye conditions. My first experience of varifocal glasses was excellent when friends and family elsewhere in the country had had poorer experiences. Would recommend - and lovely friendly team service. You’re made to feel very welcome! Thank you !

Lo Brian *****
Highly recommended. My son had to have further tests which Mr Griffiths carried out rather than us having to wait for an NHS referral. He was extremely thorough and knew exactly what my son needed to improve not just his vision but also the tiredness of his eyes. He is clearly an expert in his field. The dispensing staff were wonderful with my son; helping choose the right glasses, and fitting them perfectly, explaining every aspect to us both, and putting us at ease. An all round great experience, helpful and friendly staff, and a great outcome for my son. Thank you

DeeDee Gee *****
I’ve worn specs from a young age, I’m now in my 40’s and I have never had a sight test like the SchoolVision/Enhanced sight test I had with Geraint. It’s fascinating & lasted around an hour, he’s so thorough and really listened to my concerns. I was told years ago that I had astigmatism. I had no idea what that was at the time but I wish I’d have told my doctor as the continuous headache I had was awful. My doctor put me onto medication that was terrible, so I put up with the headaches for years! Fast forward to Geraint, I’m in the chair, he’s used various tools, some I’d never heard of let alone seen before, to test my eyes. Turns out that I have significant aversion to yellow light & my eyes weren’t tracking very well at all. I received my new specs about 10 days later, complete with a blue tint & prismatic corrections to correct some of the convergence issues in both of my eyes They did take a little while to get used to, maybe around a week but I’ve genuinely not had that headache since and the tint has helped with squinting on sunny days despite the tint being hardly noticeable. It has truly amazed me, they’ve honestly changed my life. I joined The Eyeplan to cover my specs against accidental damage and I received 25% off of the cost of them, the discount actually covers a lot of the 18 months of payments, which is great and I get 25% off any future specs and I don’t have to pay for any future tests whilst on the plan either which is fantastic.
Mr Griffiths and his team are brilliant, friendly, knowledgable and patient. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at ease. Thank you all so much.

Connor Moore *****
Such a fantastic opticians! The staff of very friendly and make you feel welcomed upon arrival, 10/10 service, easily the best opticians I have ever been to :)

Lynne Griffith *****
Who would have thought that having an eye test could be such a life changing experience ? Geriant and his team at Optical 3 did just that for me. The thorough in-depth eye exam made me see so many things differently. Not least of all, the way I had marginalised the health of my eyes. Optical 3’s holistic, pioneering approach to vision was inspiring and personally liberating. I didn’t realise how much my eyes had been struggling nor how it had been impacting on my mental, emotional and physical health. Who knew! The man’s a genius!
The on going follow up support from the rest of the team is brilliant too. With a fast and efficient service to supply my contact lenses.
I recommend Optical 3 to everyone no matter what age.

Hester Crookall *****
Our son is 12 years old and currently in Year 8 at secondary school. When he went into year 3 at primary school we realised that he was having problems with maths. By year 6 he was struggling with reading comprehensions too. He just hated reading. He hated school and he hated doing his homework. We just couldn’t understand what the problem was. In the summer of this year a good friend of ours recommended we see Mr Griffiths. If only we had discovered him earlier. It transpired that our son had some big visual challenges. He had a divergence excess, an inability to converge and amblyopia to name but a few. This meant that he had not been able to read rows and columns of numbers or lines of text easily. Our son now has two pairs of tinted glasses and he is very happy to wear them as they have literally transformed his life. Mr Griffiths is, to our mind, a miracle worker. On the first day that he started wearing his new glasses our son suddenly started noticing things as I was driving. He now makes sustained eye contact with us. If I ask him to run upstairs to fetch something, he is happy to do it. He is a much happier, calmer boy and he is sleeping better. He has now started year 8 with his new glasses and we feel sure that he will make excellent progress now at school. Sincere thanks to everyone at Optical 3.

Rebecca Real Estate *****
I can’t speak highly enough of the whole Optical 3 team. Both my daughter and I had the SchoolVision assessment. She had previously seen another optometrist and I had been seen by opticians for around 25 years. Mr Griffith found we both had a particular issues which has been addressed with sophisticated new glasses. My daughter’s reading improved very quickly and I feel that her emotional regulation has also developed as a result. She seems to find school work less taxing now. I only got my new glasses today but already feel much less ‘frazzled’ because light sensitivity/contrast issues have been addressed. I am confident that I will now struggle less with daily tasks like looking at my computer screen or presentations. I can’t wait!
I wish all children and adults who have dyslexia-like symptoms had the chance to see Mr Griffith and his exceptional team. Well worth the journey!

Stephen Robson *****
Our 7 year old son has dyspraxia and has struggled at school to learn to read. We had a diagnosis in Summer 2018 and in my research into developmental coordination disorder (dyspraxia) I found a recommendation to see Mr Griffiths at Optical3 for a school vision test. We travelled to Optical3 and our son had the school vision test where he was diagnosed with lots of visual probs. Glasses were provided and they have been a miracle for us. Our sons reading age in September 2018 was 4years and 3 months (he was 6yrs5mths old). His reading age in under a year has gone up to 7yrs 9mths- what progress! Optical3 have literally made the world a brighter and better place for our son- his concentration is improved, his depth perception is much better so climbing and ascending stairs is easier, he can now catch a ball. The staff are hero’s to our family- always there to help and providing a first class service to us. There are not words to express our thanks. If you have a child with dyspraxia or dyslexia who is struggling please do speak to the team at Optical3. The correct diagnosis of visual problems and corrective glasses has changed our son’s future and are enabling him to fulfill his potential at school.
Response from Optical 3
Stephen, thankyou for your touching review. We’re all over the moon we could help your son reach his full potential and help make life a little easier for the both of you. We hope you and your family have been keeping well.

Jordan Hann *****
Excellent experience. Came here on a recommendation from a friend. They got everything spot on and it’s the safest I’ve felt leaving my house due to the measure they have out in place due to covid. Won’t be going anywhere else for my glasses anymore

James Stewart *****
Great people and great service. The level of detail involved in the testing compared to other opticians was very reassuring and the customer service has been excellent.

Amy Co *****
Absolutely fantastic customer service. Lovely people working there, really care about their customers. Took my grandmother in and they were all so accommodating. Would recommend to anyone.

Nicola Jones *****
Brilliant local service. Staff so welcoming and very friendly, whilst staying safe. Thoroughly recommended.
Response from Optical 3
Thankyou for your lovely review! We’re glad your experience with us was a good one. :)

Steph Tennant *****
Friendly and helpful staff that always go above and beyond for you. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my glasses.